“The Red Eagle Suisse is a company for hybrid aircraft in the field of manned and unmanned enlightenment. We cooperate with international companies in the field of airborne remote sensing and reconnaissance products. Uirich T. Grabowski the ČEO of Red Eagle Suisse embarked on this project because, aver the past few centuries, aviation has become a true engineering art Red Eagle Suisse is a
company based in Sankt Gallen. The team of experts led by Ulnch T. Grabowski is more aerodynamic, intelligent, and quieter and combines the concentrated know-how with virtues such as precision and reliability. The CEO Urich T. Grabowski has developed a pioneering reconnaissance aircraft, therefore, partners scientists and flight pioneers are warmly welcomed. we also want to develop a unique aircraft. The red eagle should glide through the air as quietly and economically as possible over long distances, manned or unmanned. In doing so, he will overlook (defensive) or master (offensive) borders and industrial plants, pipelines, or vast areas of the sea.



The most cost-effective surveillance of large areas can still only be achieved in flight. Reconnaissance aircraft or drones, which can reliably, quietly and cost-effectively monitor vast seas, industrial plants, railway lines or transcontinental pipelines by day and night, will be in enormous demand worldwide in the coming years.
Our goal is to ensure that there is stability and security in the 100 market. The IC0 market is evolving despite the challenges, including higher regulatory scrutiny, predatory exchange practices, and frauds, which have dulled the exciting anticipation and lessened participation by potential token buyers and even startups. Red Eagle Suisse plans to ignite the next wave of growth for token fundraising with its platform. Red Eagle Suisse will reform how tokens and coins are offered.bought, and sold for startups and token buyers. It will address and solve many of the existing ICO market challenges.


  • – With the purchase of Red Eagie Suisse
    Tokens (RES), you are participating in a
    company with real products.
  • The RES tokens can be traded on several
    exchanges after the ICO and its planned to
    create an online shop, where token holders
    can pay for services and products with RES.
  • With the planned STO, you can also
    participate in the company revenue in the
    future, just by participating in the Red Eagle
    Suisse Token ICO



SOFTCAP: 15 Million
USD HARDCAP: 25 Million
USD ICO price per Token: 1 Cent (USD)
Maximum Token Supply: 3 billion
Percentage of the ICO Token Sale: 83,33 % (2,5 billion Tokens)
Tokens reserved for team: 10 % (300 Million)
Tokens reserved for Referral Program: 6,67 % (200 Million)
Referral Program(6.67%)
Team (10%)


Each and every one of our team members represents Red Eagle Suisse ICO spirit
passion, drive, and innovation. We are dynamic individuals with a passion for digital finance of the blockchain era. Together, we strive to provide the best services possible while building loyalty at every touchpoint.
Ulrich T. Grabowski



RedeagleSuisse team believes in corporate social responsibility: therefore, it will
offer its community the chance to participate to an annual charity program.

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