RedEagleSuisse ICO
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What Is RedEagleSuisse?

We want to blur the line between the cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers. We will popularize the cryptocurrency by giving free admission, and by helping people understand and confide what we believe to be the future of money.

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Token Function and
Funds Allocation

Up to 88,33 % RES token to be sold, initial price at 0,01 $.

The 15 – 25 Million USD from the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be used for buying product components for the company products, like wind turbines and to raise the company revenue with it!

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Features of RedEagleSuisse ICO

RedEagleSuisse brings together vendors and buyers without a central bank or single administrator to ensure clear and fair deals


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • January 2020

    Creation of the idea of
    RedEagleSuisse project

  • March 2020

    The prototype of
    RedEagleSuisse finished


  • Q2.2020

    Project planning for RedEagleSuisse ICO



  • Q2.2020

    Launch of Redeagle Suisse ICO

  • Q2.2020

    Launch of the Airdrops and
    information RedEagleSuisse resource

  • Q2.2020

    Launch of the RedEagleSuisse

  • Q2.2021

    Start of RedEagleSuisse ICO

Team & Advisors
RedEagleSuisse GmbH

Each and every one of our team members represents RedEagleSuisse spirit: passion, drive, and innovation.

We are dynamic individuals with a passion for digital finance of the blockchain era. Together, we strive to provide the best services possible while building loyalty at every touch point.

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